Deborah Benton

The Fairy Garden Village Artist


What started as a desire to create a world of Fairies for my Granddaughters has turned into the creation of my own “Fairy Garden Village Adventures”, along with creating an actual Fairy Village and Fairy Cottages.

As someone who has enjoyed writing since I was eight years old, I’ve learned to appreciate the joy of my own imagination and to encourage the same in my own children and Grandchildren. An imagination is a wonderful thing for a child or an adult! By using something as sweet as a Fairy Story or Fairy Cottage, we can help a child’s imagination soar!

It gives me great joy to share my love of Fairies with you. Who doesn’t smile at the idea of a Fairy visiting their Home or Garden? Or of Fairy Adventures you can share? What better way than “seeing” a Fairy flitting through our Garden, our Home, our imagination?

If you adopt one of my Fairies with a Fairy Garden Dream Cottage, you will learn more about that special Fairy and the Fairy Garden Village through our Adventure Stories. Come fly through our Village, stay as long as you like. The Fairies and I look forward to your visits!


-Deborah Benton – the Fairy Garden Village Keeper




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